The curriculum structure

            The curriculum structure of BAET FA UB has been arranged in a logical, sequential and integrated manner that represents level 6 competencies. For instance, in the first semester, students are given introductory courses in Agricultural Ecology, Plant Protection, and Soil Science on a plot trial. While in the second semester, students are given the introductory course of Plant Cultivation. Then, students are given Plant Production Technology and Biotechnology courses (Cross Subject Knowledge) in the third semester. In the fourth semester, students are taught the Agroecosystem Management course on a landscape trial (Cross Subject Knowledge). From the course distribution in those four semesters, students are expected to master the knowledge and theoretical concepts about production technology processes and management of agricultural ecosystems and sustainable land resources according to science and technology. Students are also expected to formulate problems, design, plan, monitor, evaluate and disseminate agricultural research activities from production to post-harvest processes, from upstream to downstream, effectively, efficiently, and sustainably by utilizing the latest science and technology. Furthermore, in the fifth semester, the course Sustainable Agriculture on a landscape trial is given (Cross Subject Knowledge). By learning that course, students are expected to identify problems using synthetic analysis globally in the socio-economic fields of agriculture, agricultural cultivation, plant protection, and land resource management.

The Curriculum Tree of BAET

The Curriculum Structure of BAET Courses

Each semester students must take 20 to 24 credits. The first semester contains  20 credits, the second semester is 24 credits, the third semester 3 is 23 credits, the fourth semester 4 is 24 credits, and the fifth semester 5 is 24 credits. The sixth semester is 19 credits, and the seventh and eighth semesters 7 and 8  contains 10 credits consisting of internship and Bachelor thesis. BAET courses consist of:

  1. Personality Development courses covering five courses (10 credits) where each course has two credits
  2. The Agricultural Studies courses, which each course containing 3-4 credits complement with a tutorial/practicum
  3. The technology-supporting courses consists of 6 credits which is an integrated course.

Skill courses are implemented in the internship course (4 credits) and Final project (Bachelor thesis) 6 credits. One credit of lectures equals 50 minutes, and one credit of practicum equals 170 minutes. One credit is equivalent to 1.5 hours, and two credits are equal to 2.6 ECTS, and three credits counted 4.0 ECTS.

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