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BAET scientific philosophy is sustainable agriculture which is derived from the vision and mission of the university and faculty of agriculture as follows:


By 2025, the BAET study program is becoming a center of leading agricultural teaching and learning, fulfilling international standards, and participating actively in sustainable agriculture evolvement and activities to escalate the economic and social value of society

  1. Implementing the morals and ethics to manage agricultural sectors and environment to reach and appreciate resources that God creates
  2. Implementing and developing the academic character at the international level in sustainable agriculture based on environment management toward the professional graduate, competency, and
  3. Integrating sustainable agriculture and disseminating technology to increase the economic value based on environmental management for social


Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)
PLO1 Being competent in planning, monitoring, and disseminating from the production stage to post-harvest so that they can learn for lifelong learning and have responsibility with high dedication to work.
PLO2 Being competent in conceptualizing lifelong learning, analyzing and diagnosing work stages appropriately based on scientific values and the latest science and technology

Being competent in macro and micro business managerial planning as well as prioritizing community social empowerment and effective, efficient and sustainable environmental management.


Being competent in communicating facts and able to solve problems by applying production technology to stakeholders.

Latest News

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